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Our Basic Policies
»Basic Philosophy,  »Basic Policies  (April,1998)
Our Policies
DPJ Manifesto for December 2014 General Election (December 2014)
DPJ Manifesto for June 2013 Upper House Election (June 2013)
DPJ Manifesto for December 2012 General Election (December 2012)
DPJ Manifesto for June 2010 Upper House Election (June 2010)
DPJ Manifesto for August 2009 Lower House Election (August 2009)
DPJ Manifesto for July 2007 Upper House Election (July 2007)
DPJ Manifesto for September 2005 General Election (30 August 2005)
DPJ Manifesto for July 2004 Upper House Election (July 2004)
DPJ Manifesto for 2003 General Election (complete version) (October 2003)
  »DPJ Manifesto for 2003 General Election (supplementary clauses) (1 November 2003)
  »DPJ Manifesto (digest version) (October 2003)
Policies for the 19th House of Councillors Election (April 2001)
Toward a Government that Walks Together with the People (Naoto Kan's Platform for Election for DPJ President) (June 4, 2010)
President Hatoyama's Speech to the DPJ Annual Convention 2010 (January 16, 2010)
Toward an Even Greater Victory for the People (President Hatoyama's Statement Following General Election Victory, 30 August, 2009)
Three Party Agreement for a Coalition Government (September 2009)
For the Sake of Strengthening Party Unity (President Ozawa's Resignation Statement, 11 May, 2009)
2009 Annual Party Convention(Speech by President Ozawa, 18th January, 2009)
Economic Stimulus Related Bills (3 December 2008)
"Economic and Financial Crisis Measures": Opening up a Path Towards the Future by "Putting People's Lives First" (5 November 2008)
Financial Crisis Countermeasure Proposals (15 October 2008)
  »Summary of the Financial Crisis Countermeasure Proposals (15 October 2008)
Speech on Reappointment as Party President and Statement of Goals (Speech given by President Ozawa, 21 September 2008)
Overview - The Global Warming Countermeasures Basic Bill (June 2008)
  »Outline - The Global Warming Countermeasures Basic Bill (June 2008)
Summary of the Basic Law on Biodiversity (28 May 2008)
Basic Policies for Government (Policy Magna Carta) (December 2006)
Speech on Reappointment as Party President (Speech given by President Ozawa,25 September 2006)
My Basic Philosophy (Speech given by President Ozawa,11 September 2006)
The National Image and Foreign Policy Vision Aimed for by the DPJ (Speech given by President Maehara at CSIS, 8 December 2005)
Agenda for Strengthening Japan-US Alliance - Achieving World Peace and Happiness through Prosperity (25 October 2005)
Representation Regarding Japan's Ongoing Response to Earthquake Disasters in Pakistan and Elsewhere (20 October 2005)
Toward Realization of Enlightened National Interest (May 2005)
Representation Regarding Japan's Future Response to the Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster (8 March 2005)
Outline of Bill on Redressing Human Rights Violations Involving North Korea (25 February 2005)
The Democratic Party of Japan's Interim Response to the Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster (12 January 2005)
The Democratic Party of Japan's Interim Policies for Iraq Reconstruction Aid
Toward an Alliance with Civil Society
 (13 October 2004)
DPJ present position on the Iraqi Issue. (14 February 2003)
The DPJ Action Plan for the Year 2003 (an abbreviated version).(18 January 2003)
"Economy Revival Plan"(Key Points) (18 January 2003)
The Conference for Supporting Afghanistan Women November 27, 2002 Appeal
(27 November 2002)
Democratic Party of Japan Economic Revitalization Plan (Key points)
(8 November 2002)
Thoughts on Issues Involving North Korea at the Time of Resumption of Normalization Talks
(31 October 2002)
On the DPJ's "New Strategy for Industrial Revitalization" (31 July 2002)
Issues on the Emergency Situation Bills (18 July 2002)
Ten Suggestions on Nursing Care Insurance (18 July 2002)
The DPJ Proposal on The Extension of Paramedic Duties (4 July 2002)
The DPJ Plan of Medical Reform (June 2002)
The DPJ Final Financial Reconstruction Plan (24 January 2002)
The Democratic Party of Japan's Basic Policies on Security  (Provisional version, June 1999)
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