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551st Meeting of Standing Officers Council held

On the evening of May 8, the 551th meeting of the DPJ Standing Officers Council was held inside the Diet building.

At the start of the meeting, Secretary General Azuma Koshiishi expressed his deep condolence to the victims of tornados and lightning strikes in Ibaraki and Tochigi prefectures. He also referred to the comprehensive reform of social security and taxation systems, an issue for which deliberation has started in the Diet, stating, “For the Noda administration and our nation, this comprehensive reform is the most significant issue we face. It will enable us to reestablish a politics of trust, in line with the ideals of our party.”

Acting Secretary General Shinji Tarutoko reported on changes related to the membership of DPJ organizations such as 1) Petitions Headquarters, 2) the Great East Japan Earthquake Strategy Headquarters, 3) Political Reform Promotion Headquarters, 4) Consultative Council on Okinawa, and 5) Japan China Exchange and Discussion Mechanism. Tarutoko also explained that an interparty meeting on the general election system for the House of Representatives would be held between Secretaries-General and the Secretariat Chiefs of the ruling and opposition parties.

DPJ Policy Research Committee Chair Seiji Maehara informed the meeting about current political issues and the appointments of committee board members, Diet Affairs Committee Chair Koriki Jojima described the situation in the Diet, National Rallying and Canvassing Committee Chair Yosuke Kondo reported on the appointments of committee board members, and Administration Committee Chair Hideo Hiraoka explained exchanges with overseas parties.

In addition to the above, Tarutoko reported that the party would be receiving letters of secession from members of the House of Representatives Takatane Kiuchi and Tairo Hirayama. This matter was approved. Koshiishi propounded upon the issue of the suspension of Ichiro Ozawa’s party membership, and suggested the reinstatement of his membership from May 10. The meeting discussed and approved the suggestion.

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