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Maehara and a delegation of DPJ members visit Russia

DPJ Policy Research Committee Chair Seiji Maehara led a delegation of Committee members (Acting Chair Wakio Mitsui, Vice Chairs Kaname Tajima, Tsutomu Okubo, and Jyunya Ogawa) on a visit Russia from April 29 to May 3.

On the afternoon of April 30 (local time), the delegation held a meeting with Federal Assembly of Russia members Vasiliy Borisovich Shestakov, Boris Lvovich Reznik, and Mikhail Viktorovich Slipenchuk of the ruling United Russia Party. Discussion during the meeting covered cooperation and coalitions between the two countries and the further promotion of relationships among legislators.

In the evening, the delegation met with Mikhail Mikhailovich Bely, the previous Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Japan. The Japanese side expressed its appreciation for support from the Russian government on the occasion of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the ex-Ambassador’s contributions to the enhancement of Japan-Russia relationships. The meeting also exchanged views on future political circumstances in Russia and North Korean issues.

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