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Tajima receives courtesy call from the Speaker of Albanian Parliament

On April 17, Director-General of the DPJ International Department Issei Tajima received a courtesy call from the Speaker of Albanian Parliament, Jozefina Çoba Topalli. The meeting was also attended by Vice Directors-General of the International Department, Marutei Tsurunen, Mieko Tanaka, and Motohiro Oono.

Speaker Topalli commented that, although both countries have had diplomatic relations for a long time, communications between the two have been sparse, and it is thus hoped that such communications can be deepened in a various ways. Topalli also expressed her heartfelt sympathy concerning the Great East Japan Earthquake and mentioned her visit to Sendai on the previous day, during which she had seen the damage with her own eyes and had admired how quickly recovery had proceeded in one year.

Tajima welcomed the Albanian delegation and expressed his appreciation for the sincere encouragement toward the recovery from the disaster. He remarked, “We are only halfway in terms of recovery in the affected area, and we will continue to try our best for reconstruction.” Regarding communications between two countries, he said, “Although our legislative systems may differ, I believe that economic interchanges can continue to be advanced through the promotion of networking among MPs.”

The Speaker Topalli noted, “This is the first visit to Japan by a delegation of parliament members, and I invite Japanese Diet members to visit Albania as well.” She also mentioned that Albania has a large potential in areas such as infrastructure, mining, energy, and tourism, and indicated her desire to attract investment from the private sector.

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