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Hatoyama criticises failure of PM窶冱 office to function

On August 24, DPJ Secretary General Yukio Hatoyama held his regular press conference at party headquarters. He criticised the Abe administration, which cannot even decide on the schedule for the forthcoming Diet session, saying, 窶廬t is unfortunate for the public that the Prime Minister窶冱 office is not functioning.窶 He added, 窶弩e want to create politics that can be trusted by the people. The DPJ intends to engage in a full Diet debate.窶

Hatoyama expressed the party窶冱 intention to focus on passing legislation regarding pensions and revision of the political fund control law in the forthcoming Diet session, saying, 窶廾ur party窶冱 ability to realise [our pledges] will be called into question. We would like to pass these laws by obtaining the agreement of the ruling [LDP] and Komeito.窶?/p>

Furthermore, Hatoyama commented on the proposed extension of the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law, stating 窶廚onvening the Diet in mid-September and then ordering us to give our approval immediately is not something we should be a part of窶 and once again clearly stating his opposition.


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