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30 August 2005
Manifesto Message:A New Kind of Politics for the People,
"Nippon Sasshin" (A radical transformation of Japan)
The DPJ's Eight Pledges to Transform Japan

1 Sweep Away Wasteful Spending! No Tax Increases Targeting Salaried Workers 5 Realisation of an ?脱nlightened National Interest? - Living in Harmony with the World
We will sweep away ¥10 trillion in wasteful spending of tax money over three years, reducing the number of Diet members in the House of Representatives by 80, abolishing separate pensions for Diet members, and reducing the personnel costs for civil servants employed by central government by 20%. We will withdraw Self Defense Forces from Iraq by December 2005 and embark on reconstruction assistance appropriate to Japan.
2 Realisation of a Safe and Secure Society without Inequalities, and of Everyday Happiness 6 Promotion of "greenery"Greenery"","Food" and "Agriculture"
We will abolish the Social Insurance Agency and unify the pension system. We will launch a "¥1 trillion direct-payment system" to realise a 50% food self-sufficiency ratio in ten years time.
3 From Concrete to People, People, People 7 Toward a Fair and Transparent Market Economy
We will embark on a reform of the state school system and create a monthly child allowance of ¥16,000 per child. We will eradicate bureaucratic collusion, and realise the abolition of the public highway corporations and the elimination of motorway tolls.
4 Decentralisation Reform - Entrusting Regional Affairs to the Regions - 8 Real Postal Reform - From the Public to the Private Sector
In order to draw out local inventiveness, we will convert ¥18 trillion of tied grants into financial resources for the regions. We will drastically reduce the size of postal savings and insurance, and allow funds to flow from the public to the private sector. We will maintain a universal postal service network across the nation.

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