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Financial Crisis Action Plan

2009/01/18 Striving to make 2009 a historical year: Party Convention Brings Party Together Towards a Change in Government
2009/01/04 Acting President Kan Visits "Village for Contract Worker to pass the New Year" in Tokyo's Hibiya Park
2008/12/25 Comment: Article 17 of the Labor Contract Law Also Applies to Contract Workers
2008/12/24 On the 2009 Budget
2008/12/20 Statement on the 2008 Second Supplementary Budget
2008/12/18 3 Opposition Parties and J-TUC Rengo Call for the Early Enactment of Four Bills Related to the Protection of People's Jobs and Livelihoods
2008/12/12 Lower House Plenary Session: The Upper House窶冱 Revision of the Amendment to the Bill to Strengthen Financial Systems Voted Down; Shina and Sengoku Criticize the Government and the Ruling Party
2008/12/10 Next Cabinet Agrees on Economic Stimulus Related Bill
2008/12/05 Statement on the Enactment of the Amended Labor Standards Law
2008/12/04 Comment Following the Unacceptable Practice of Premature Contract Terminations Towards Fixed-Term Employees
2008/11/27 DPJ and People's New Party Hold the First Emergency Economic Measures Subcommittee Meeting
2008/11/17 DPJ President Ozawa Meets with PM Aso, Calls for Early Submission of the Second Supplementary Budget
2008/10/31 Statement on Measures to Deal with the Financial Crisis
2008/10/30 Indiscriminate Spending Will Not Improve Consumer Sentiment: DPJ Secretary General Hatoyama Speaks Following the Announcement of the PM's Additional Economic Stimulus Package
2008/10/30 PM Aso's Additional Economic Stimulus Package Simply Constitutes Wasteful Spending of the "Buried Treasures": DPJ Acting President Kan Speaks at a Press Conference
2008/10/29 Next Cabinet Discusses DPJ's Economic Policies and Other Issues
2008/10/27 Statement on Measures for Responding to the Financial Crisis
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