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Katsuya OKADA
Katsuya OKADA
Secretary-General of the Democratic Party of Japan
Member of House of Representatives, Mie No. 3 constituency (elected 7 times)

Date of Birth:  July 14, 1953 Born in Mie Prefecture, Japan
Education and Career:
1976  Graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) (- 1988)
1985  Center for International Affairs at Harvard University
1990  Elected as a Member of House of Representatives for the first time
(elected 7 times in succession to date)
1993  Left Liberal Democratic Party
1998  Participated in establishment of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
1999  Next Minister of Finance in the Next Cabinet, DPJ
Chairman, Committee on Security, HR
Chair, Policy Research Committee, DPJ
2002  Secretary-General, DPJ
2004  President, DPJ ( - Sep. 2005)
2006  Vice President, DPJ
2007  Senior Director, Committee on Budget
2008  Chair, the DPJ Global Warming Countermeasures Headquarters
2009  Secretary-General, DPJ
Minister for Foreign Affairs ( - Sep. 2010)
2010  Secretary-General, DPJ
Family: Married with two sons and one daughter
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