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Ichiro OZAWA
Ichiro OZAWA
Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Japan
Member of the House of Representatives

Date of Birth:  Born May 24, 1942 (Mizusawa City, Iwate Prefecture)
1967  B.A., Department of Economics, Keio University
1967  Enrolled in GraduateSchool of Law, Nihon University
(Not completed)
Political Career:
1969  Elected to the House of Representatives from constituency in Iwate Prefecture (Elected 13 consecutive times to date)
1975-1976  Parliamentary Vice Minister of Science and Technology Agency
1976-1977  Parliamentary Vice Minister of Construction
1983-1985  Chairman, House of Representatives Standing Committee on Rules and Administration (2 terms)
1985-1986  Minister of Home Affairs, Chairman of National Safety Commission (Nakasone Cabinet)
1987-1989  Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (Takeshita Cabinet)
1989-1991  Secretary General, LDP (3 terms)
Jun 1993-Nov 1994  Secretary General, Japan Renewal Party (Shinseito)
Dec 1994-Dec 1995  Secretary General, New Frontier Party (Shinshinto)
Dec 1995-Dec 1997  President, New Frontier Party
Jan 1998-Sept 2003  President, Liberal Party (Jiyuto)
Sept 2003  Liberal Party merges with Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
Sept 2005  DPJ President
Dec 2003-May 2004  Acting President, DPJ
Nov 2004-Sept 2005  Vice President, DPJ
Apr 2006-May 2009  President, DPJ
May 2009-Sept 2009  Acting President, DPJ
Sept 2009  Secretary General, DPJ
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