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The Democratic Party of Japan's Platform for Government: Manifesto 2013

Regarding "The Democratic Party of Japan's Manifesto 2013"

"The Democratic Party of Japan's Manifesto 2013" was announced by DPJ President Banri Kaieda on June 25, and is a policy document detailing the policies aimed for by the DPJ.

Manifesto 2013

Helping to Protect Lives and Livelihoods

The Democratic Party of Japan has taken its first step towards renewal by visiting and talking to local people.
Seniors on pensions who are suffering from high prices.
Mothers and fathers doing their best to bring up children without any increase in income.
Small business owners troubled by soaring raw material costs.
Young people working to revitalize their disaster-stricken hometowns.
We have listened to quiet and heartfelt voices that have failed to reach the ears of politicians.

We will return to our roots, and stand with ordinary citizens and workers.
What we are aiming for is a "symbiotic society" suitable for the Japan of this day and age. A strong and accepting society built on mutual coexistence in which each individual has a place and a role to play.

We will create jobs, increase incomes and stabilise livelihoods.
We will strengthen and enrich the middle class, who are the backbone of our society, and revive the Japanese economy.
We will create mutually-supportive and reliable medical care, pensions and long-term care.
We will create a dynamic Japan where the lives of individuals are valued above all else.
We will expand investment in children, child-rearing, education and people.
We will clear the path to Japan's future by emphasizing the active role of women and putting "children first".
We will make livelihoods, lives and the future key policy pillars.

We will take your words and your feelings to heart and continue with reform with the sole aim of "Helping to Protect Lives and Livelihoods."

Banri Kaieda
The Democratic Party of Japan July 2013

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